Family Finds And Saves Severely Injured Beagle While Playing Pokémon Go

“Ash” was a far better catch than any ordinary Pokémon for the Thomas family last Thursday night. The three boys and their mother set out for a walk to play the popular Pokémon Go game that evening when they came across a bedraggled and bloody Beagle near some train tracks.

ash beagle

The dog was in a very bad state—he was missing part of his ear, his tail, and had suffered a gunshot wound. The poor guy looked beaten down and likely would not have made it much longer without the last-minute rescue.

“It’s mind-blowing. That was not what we expected when we left that night to go walking and play that game,” the boys’ mother Elizabeth told WYMT.

ash in crate

Luckily for Ash, Elizabeth is also a nurse. She didn’t expect the dog to make it, but she bandaged him up and kept him alive until they could get him to the Harlan County Animal Shelter for transportation to the Corbin Animal Clinic. Says one of the boys, Ethan Thomas:

It feels kinda great that we were able to save a dog while we were playing a game.

Ash is doing much better after some much-needed TLC, and the family hopes to adopt him once he is well enough to come home.

h/t + featured image via WYMT