Frenchies in Trouble: How One Organization is Helping America’s Favorite Squish Faces

Frenchies in Trouble: How One Organization is Helping America’s Favorite Squish Faces

Did you guys know that Frenchies are one of the most pupular breeds in the United States?


Not hard to believe, right? Just look at those adorable squishy faces! Unfortunately, as a result of being portrayed as somewhat of a “fad” in pet ownership, there are many Frenchies left without forever homes. Luckily, for these little squishy-faced cuties, the French Bulldog Rescue Network has set out to place healthy and happy French Bulldogs into forever homes and promote awareness for these adorable pups!

FBRN’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home French Bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners, and Good Samaritans. This organization is comprised solely of  volunteers who nurture and foster these dogs, as well as provide education and training.


Created in 2001, this independent, North American rescue organization exists solely to address the growing problem of homeless French Bulldogs. Today, they have almost 120,000 fans on Facebook, their primary social hub for sharing adoptable Frenchies and promoting events.


These adorable and loving pups come to FBRN from all sorts of backgrounds. FBRN also accepts surrenders from current Frenchie owners in an attempt to provide the dogs better futures in permanent and loving homes.


With an extremely rigorous adoption screening process, each Frenchie is posted online where potential adopters can apply to give them a forever home. The pups always go to their new homes spayed or neutered, microchipped and registered to FBRN, and free of any health conditions.


A quick look at their comprehensive site shows the wealth of information this wonderful organization has to share with the public. They provide real and honest insight about adopting a rescue and the work that comes with taking home a rescued Frenchie.


“Rescue dogs aren’t for everyone, and they are certainly not a way to get an inexpensive Frenchie.”


There is a lot of work and many factors that go into bringing home an adopted dog, and FBRN does a fantastic job: Outlining FAQs, potential veterinary and health costs, proper ways to introduce a new dog into your home, and even providing a guide to help you find your Frenchie if (Dog forbid!) he’s gone missing.


Check out their archives on adopted Frenchies from the start in 2001 to today; you’ll see that these wonderful people and their kind-hearted efforts are making great pawgress towards bringing lovable French Bulldogs into permanent and beautiful homes.


FBRN is always looking for kind-hearted Frenchie lovers to help out with their cause. Those who would like to volunteer and have experienced with flat-faced breeds can check out their site to donate their time. There are so many other ways dog and Frenchie lovers can get involved: donating money or goods, sponsoring a dog, checking out their shop, fostering an adoptable Frenchie, volunteering to transport dogs, fundraising, participating in eBay sales, and even donating your ink cartridges! You can follow FBRN pups and news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

If you’ve got a Frenchie, are on the lookout to rescue a Frenchie, or just have a passion for helping dogs, be sure to be involved in this fantastic rescue and resource for helping these playful and affectionate flat-faced pups. After all, puppies aren’t accessories. They aren’t fads. They aren’t temporary sources of entertainment. They are real, live, intelligent creatures with souls that change our lives only for the better, and don’t they deserve to be given the same?
All Images via the French Bulldog Rescue Network