Fearful Dog Found With Chain Around Neck Has Total Transformation Thanks To Kind Humans

Fearful Dog Found With Chain Around Neck Has Total Transformation Thanks To Kind Humans

When Lester arrived at Santa Fe Animal Shelter, it took two days for shelter staff to get near him. Cowering and making himself appear smaller, the German Shepherd mix tried to make himself invisible. His behavior spoke of past abuse, and the chain wrapped tightly around his neck served as undeniable evidence of his suffering.

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It took four months for shelter staff to rebuild his confidence, and transform him from the tight curled ball of fur at the far back corner of his kennel to a dog with the ability to trust humans. No longer did he fearfully avoid touch — his tail wagged for kind pats and his gentle eyes happily responded to hands offering treats.

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Lester’s story thankfully ends in adoption to a loving human who takes him for long hikes through rocky trails and nights camping out under the starry desert sky. He now has a person who genuinely adores him and who proudly speaks of their unbreakable bond with the gratitude of someone who recognizes that part of her purpose is to share this profound story of love to help other animals like her Lester.

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Dogs like Lester serve as living proof that many animals who find themselves victimized at the hands of the humans they blindly trust can and often do go on to put their pasts behind them and lead happy and healthy lives. But for many, that chance never comes.

Shelters are burdened with the knowledge that many of the animals they take in will run out of time before help comes along. Thanks to generous and caring humans who want to make a difference, dogs like Lester can be given an opportunity to reverse the damage that has been inflicted upon them through no fault of their own.

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Santa Fe Animal Shelter saved 18,353 animals in 2015, and is hoping to continue their lifesaving work with the help of kind humans like you. They are part of CrowdRise’s Saving Pets Challenge 2016, a campaign aimed at reducing shelter euthanasia through fundraising.

Animal welfare organizations involved in the initiative have one month (July 5-August 4) to raise as much money as they can. The team that raises the most gets a $50,000 donation, with runners-up winning other amounts and prizes. The best part? Any money raised is kept by each team, so everyone (human and four-legged) wins!

To contribute to Santa Fe Animal Shelter’s fundraising, visit their CrowdRise page.

Watch Lester’s beautiful story below:

Featured image via Santa Fe Animal Shelter/YouTube