Firefighters Save Struggling Dog From Icy River In Harrowing Rescue Video

A dog was rescued from the freezing waters of the Taylor River in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on March 4 after falling through a layer of thin ice. Hampton firefighters received a call about a stranded dog in the water around 8 that morning and used wet suits and a row boat to reach it.


The poor pooch can be seen with its head just above water as the firefighters broke the surrounding ice to reach it. Hampton Fire Cpt. Justin Cuttin told WMTW:

The dog had broken the thin ice around him trying to get out. Once our firefighters made contact with the animal, he was very eager to get into the boat and was helpful.

Once the pup was rowed back to shore, it was covered with blankets and taken to a local vet where it is expected to make a full recovery.

Featured image via VinGo