The beautiful truth is that no matter when or how a dog finds a home, they're receiving the same gifts: warmth, love, and a family to match.

These pups no longer have to question their futures or dwell on their pasts - the only thing they need to worry about is having enough snuggles to go around. We'd like to say congratulations to a small but fantastic group of pups learning what it's like to be loved in 2016, and a big, giant, sloppy-kissed thank you to the rescue workers and volunteers who have the strong hearts and thick skin to make it happen.
Sweet little Jules from NYC's Animal Haven, a one-year-old Affenpinscher mix, found her home just in time to spend Christmas with the best present in the world: her very own family.
Sasha is an 8-year-old Maltese mix rescued from the NYC city shelter. Someone stepped up to foster her just after Thanksgiving, and she found her furever home just a few days before Christmas. We wish you the very best (a.k.a. endless treats and lots of kisses) in 2016, Sasha!
Five-year-old Luna is a Frenchie who somehow lost her way. She arrived at Animal Haven from a city shelter in NYC, but it didn't take her long to find love. After just a few nights with her foster mom she realized she never had to leave--Luna had just found her permanent home!

Mighty Mutts, a no-kill rescue in New York City, recently took six pups under their wing from a puppy mill in Amish country. Each of the dogs lived their whole lives in small cages, and so they need patient, experienced humans to help them adjust. They've never known what it's like to walk on a leash, go potty outside, and rarely (if ever) receive veterinary care. It's easy to become overwhelmed when you've never seen the world before. Fortunately, three of the pups have found the perfect homes.

A long-haired Mini Dachshund, Lucy, had to have all of her teeth removed due to her lack of dental care. She spent an entire adoption event cuddled in a volunteer's arms, and there was no turning back after that. He filled out an adoption application at the end of his shift and became Lucy's new, loving family.
This little fluff of a Pomeranian named Rita was also pulled from the puppy mill. She was adopted by a family who has already made a difference in the life of a Chihuahua previously adopted from Mighty Mutts, and will no doubt show Rita what a dog's life really is.
Toto the Yorkie was shy and reserved when she was finally introduced to the world; her foster home worked very hard to bring this sweetheart out of her shell, and her growing personality caught the eye of her permanent family. Toto can now work on gaining some much-needed weight in the comfort of her home, and her family is confident she can master the art of potty training with their help.

Second Chance Rescue in New York City welcomed 1 1/2-year-old Noland when his owner surrendered him. The poor guy had untreated bite wounds all around his neck, almost certainly from his time as a bait dog.

He survived two nights on The List before being rescued by his pawesome foster parents. Ahem, foster failures, that is--John and Dale fell hard for Noland (now Dingo) and have since adopted him. This spoiled pup has almost more love than he can handle (how many kisses can he possibly give?!), but that's just fine with him.
Bo's new mom found this sweet boy at the perfect time - she had lost her previous chocolate Cocker Spaniel just months before, and needed a new buddy to take on all her adventures. Bo had escaped the yard in his previous home several times, nearly losing his life in busy traffic, so a future of camping and endless activities is just what he needs. Enjoy all those hugs and kisses, Bo!
Revlon, a Boxer mix who came into the shelter with four other siblings, found himself as the last puppy waiting for a family. The Delaware Humane Association knew that though many were interested in the little guy, he just needed a little more attention given to his training. He finally got adopted on New Year's Eve, and the staff wish him the very best of luck with his new family!

Rescued Dogs Rock pulled Tye, a 5-month-old Pit Bull mix, from a high kill shelter in NYC. The poor guy cried whenever someone tried to move him, his skin burned so badly; he arrived covered in sores and gashes, no hair, and his compromised immune system and pain made him very weak.

Tye stayed at the vet for three weeks, where he received IV fluids, medicated baths, and medicine for his kennel cough and oozing skin. Soon enough the pup made his way into a pawesome foster home, and he's since been adopted into his forever family.

Scout entered an NYC high kill shelter with a body score of 1 out of 9 - the worst possible outcome. The emaciated pup was carried into the shelter on a stretcher because he had no strength to stand. Rescue Dogs Rock immediately got him to their vet, where he remained for several weeks receiving life-saving treatment and slowly gaining weight. Once he could stand, Scout continued his recovery in an amazing foster home.

A few months later Scout's soon-to-be family decided he was the one, and now he's truly living like the king he is.

Founder of A Purposeful Rescue, Hillary Rosen, told BarkPost:

Kojak was picked up as a stray in rural Kern County as a 4 month old puppy and taken to the Delano Shelter (a bare bones, makeshift shelter in the middle of the desert!). He broke with parvo but luckily it was caught in time and he received the necessary vet care to help him survive! This is a shelter who has zero foot traffic and relies solely on the few volunteers to network the dogs to rescues. When they called us about this sweet (now 7 month old) pup we said "lets get him to LA!" and boy are we happy we did! What a prize he is! Happy to report that Kojak gets to start 2016 in his forever home with an amazingly adorable family which includes a doppleganger big dog brother! He's living large in Laurel Canyon!
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Featured Images via: left: Second Chance Rescue, top right: A Purposeful Rescue, middle right: Mighty Mutts, bottom right: Animal Haven