Fospice Dog Is Making The Most Of Her Last Days By Road Trippin’ With Her Family

Fospice Dog Is Making The Most Of Her Last Days By Road Trippin’ With Her Family

There’s a hot new pup rollin’ across the country on her wheels, and her name is Tera! She has quite a story, but the biggest chapter of her life currently is the adventure she is taking across the country with her parents and furry siblings.

Tera chair bw

Tera is a 5–year–old German Shepherd who was rescued from a shelter in New Jersey by BARRK Animal Rescue of Long Island, NY. Tera’s back legs were completely paralyzed, and it turned out that she has a malignant tumor covering 80 percent of her spine. With limited options and funds, it was likely she would have been put down if BARRK hadn’t pulled her.

Tera vet

Rather than make the decision to remove Tera’s tumor through surgery that could have left her further incapacitated and with months of recovery ahead, BARRK and Foster Dogs, Inc. decided to focus on the quality of her remaining time and find her the best life possible instead. Tera was set up with a wheelchair to help with her mobility before she headed home with Foster Dogs volunteer Allison and her husband Matt.

Tera family

Tera took to her wheels right away
And the best life is exactly what she’s getting! Tera is currently checking “cross–country road trip” off of her bucket list. Allison and Matt bought a house in Seattle, WA, but they couldn’t bear to part with Tera. Rather than taking the easy route and flying to their new home with their pets, they opted instead to rent a truck and set off on an incredible journey with the fur kids. That’s no easy feat with a two large dogs, a cat, and a wheelchair in tow, but it just shows how much love and dedication this couple has for Tera.

Tera chair

She has been living the good life with them, their rescue dog Frankie (found in a trash can in Tennesee as a pup), and their cat Viper ever since. Sarah Brasky, founder of Foster Dogs, Inc., told BarkPost of Allison and Matt:“They never looked back, committing to Tera’s happiness for the rest of her life.”

Tera family 2

From left: Frankie The Dingo, Matt, Allison, and Tera
When asked what prompted them to take Tera in, Allison answered without hesitation:

“Every animal that finds his/her way into the shelter system is special and has his/her own story… but there was something about Tera that got to me. Maybe it’s because she’s a more “difficult” case — not many people would look at a 60 lb terminally ill disabled dog who needs help urinating and say ‘Yes, let’s adopt her!’ But EVERY animal deserves to feel love. Even if her life will be cut short, she’s going to go out with a full heart. We just feel so lucky that we’re able to provide her with that. And in return, she’s making our hearts much more full.”

Frankie The Dingo has been posting to her Instagram account along the way, documenting all of the amazing adventures they’re having. In fact, Allison actually spoke with BarkPost from the road to tell us about all the cool things they have been doing!

“It’s been an amazing journey, and Tera (and Frankie and our cat Viper) have been such troopers. In fact, I think they’ve enjoyed it more than us!”

Tera smile

Some of the highlights of the trip so far have been:

— Lunch with a T-Rex pulling a stage coach
— A walk across Notre Dame’s campus to see the Grotto, golden dome and duck pond
— The Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee where Tera had an encounter with a wild rabbit
— A morning walk along the Mississipi River (and a spontaneous duck chase)
— Special VIP seating on the patio of a delicious restaurant in Rapid City (that doesn’t normally allow dogs but made an exception for Tera and Frankie, spoiling them with attention and treats before Tera pooped on the patio as she made her exit – Five Log Rating!)
— A stop at Mt. Rushmore, where again the pups got VIP access beyond the “no dogs allowed” area
— A night of being totally spoiled in Jackson Hole at awesome dog–friendly hotel Inn on the Creek (thanks to a generous donation from Foster Dogs NYC!) where Tera had breakfast riverside (and more duck chasing)
— A day in Yellowstone and VIP seating to watch Old Faithful blow (a park ranger let them both smell a buffalo hide and sniff a buffalo horn — which they each promptly started licking)
— The beauty of a lightning storm from our Bozeman hotel window
— A swim in Missoula’s Clark Fork River

Tera Frankie collage

Sounds like the only ones not enjoying this trip are the ducks!

As if all this wasn’t enough, they will soon be arriving at their new home in Seattle. And behind that home? A big flat yard where Tera can roam freely in her chair. And a few steps beyond that yard? A private beach for swimming! Now that’s a life we could handle!

Tera swimming

Allison told BarkPost:

“Frankie has lived in NYC her whole life (7.5 years). She was found in a trash can in TN… she’s earned a life on the beach! And Tera… well clearly she’s earned it too!”

And she also told us that they plan on using their spacious new spot to take in even more foster animals! We know any animal would be insanely lucky to have Allison and Matt in their lives, and we hope Frankie continues to document it all on her Instagram (so be sure to follow)!

Tera pond

Boy, do we hope there are ducks at this new place!
While Tera might not have been the top choice for many adopters, it just so happens that she was a perfect candidate for Foster Dogs, Inc.’s fospice program (derived from combining the words “foster” and “hospice”). That’s right — the Fospice program means there are a number of amazingly kind–hearted people out there who are selflessly fostering dogs who have limited time left.

Sarah Brasky, founder of Foster Dogs Inc., told Good News Network of the program:

“Too many old and sick dogs die in shelters. Sometimes shelters receive animals that are not medically healthy enough for adoption, but they still have the right to live out their golden years in loving homes and with proper medical treatment.”

We hope Tera’s story inspires people to realize that every dog deserves to be loved to the end, no matter how long or short that time may be. Please consider donating to Foster Dogs’ Fospice program so that they can save even more lives. They’ve been spending far more than they’ve been receiving and could really use the support. Sarah related that she wished they could have done more on this trip for Tera than donate a night in a hotel, even though we’re sure Tera and her parents were grateful.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiring stories and to find a special dog of your own to foster, adopt, or spoil to bits with donations!

Tera Frankie hotel

Special thanks to Marshall Boprey of Boprey Photography for donating time to take the gorgeous shots of the family before they left the sticky summer streets of NYC for the salty beach air of Seattle.

Featured Image via: Boprey Photography
H/t: Foster Dogs NYC blog, Good News Network