Goldens Sweep the BarkBucks Challenge

Goldens Sweep the BarkBucks Challenge

During the month of February, we ran a BarkBucks for Rescue challenge with our partner rescues. (Lurve those guys!) We gave out some Frida bucks and for every person that signed up for a BarkBox, we gave the rescue 20 (real) bucks. #HelpinDaPups

Many awesome things happened last month, like these four pups got a BarkBox each:

Photo from Stacy Bové-Fulgenzi. <3 

But the pups that got the most last month were the golden-locked Golden Retrievers of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (GRRoW). Out of all of our partner rescues,  the GRRoW team received the largest donation! We’re thrilled that this donation will go towards helping this rescue take in goldens in need, help rehabilitate and treat complex medical issues. Like these three diapered golden gals:

From left to right: Gracie, Blue, and Katie


1/3 of the golden girls!



We fell in love with this trio of golden retrievers that GRRoW saved and are treating for a little…ahem…pee-pee problem. These special needs “sisters” have had to $15,000 in routine tests, multiple surgeries, diapers, and a lot of love and attention from their fosters!


She may look like a sad little pup here, but don’t let that fool you! Katie is “Little Miss Sunshine” and is a cat wrangler, a good student and loves to eat!

The road has been rough for Blue. However, you would never know it. Blue is a courageous, and spunky, a sweet little golden with strong will.

Gracie is a perfect pup. Her only flaw is that she’s an early bird and makes sure the rest of her foster family gets up at 6am with her! 

Katie and Gracie playin’!

The three gorgeous girls: Blue, Katie and Gracie.

Watch out for more shelter challenges! And if you know a rescue that wants to be involved, you can sign up here!