Golden Retriever Steps Up As Momma To Orphaned Baby Lamb

Golden Retriever Steps Up As Momma To Orphaned Baby Lamb

Stormy is a little lamb that was born with the odds against her, until one Golden Retriever decided to step in and watch over the lamb as her own.


Stormy was born on a small farm in Hazelridge Canada. The baby lamb came close to death when her mother rejected her at birth. Cathy Fleury, the owner of both Stormy and Tammy the Golden Retriever told CTV News:  “I was locking the gate, and all of a sudden, bang, bang, the poor lamb was flipping all over and the mother had her head and she was beating her.”

Surprisingly, Tammy soon after lent a paw to care for the little lamb as if Stormy was her own pup. Cathy said even though Tammy never had a litter, she has been tremendously mothering to the little lamb.

Source: CTV News

Tammy and Stormy’s bond has since grown and the two continue to be inseparable. They can often be found running, playing, napping, and chasing each other around the yard.

Where most farm animals do not to get to stay together their entire lives, Cathy has vowed to keep these two together on her farm because of their unusual friendship (awwwww). Check out the video below to see this fluffy duo race around like puppies after one too many treats.

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