Stray Golden Retriever Found With 46-Pound Tumor Just Wants To Give You Kisses

Henry the Golden Retriever somehow ended up a stray in Newport Beach, California through unknown circumstances, and he just had a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. Literally, and figuratively—animal control found this always-happy boy carrying a 46-pound tumor on his side, and brought him to an animal hospital to remove it.

henry with tumor

Newport Beach Animal Control Supervisor Valerie Schomberg told KTLA:

We got a call that there was a dog that was dumped on the beach. So when we went, we got him, and we we went, ‘oh my gosh.’

Henry was alone on the beach, perhaps after having been abandoned, and couldn’t even lift his leg to relieve himself with the tumor in the way. Officers searched until they found Dr. Karla Nichols of Mariner’s Mile Pet Clinic, who was willing to take Henry’s case. Thousands of dollars later (all covered by donations), he underwent surgery to have the mass removed.

Vets estimate Henry to be around 8 years old, and Schomberg suspects he was once a family dog. “You can’t keep him down,” she said. And he’s always in the mood for some kisses and tail wags.

henry post surgery

It isn’t clear yet whether this is a case of cruelty or neglect, but investigators are currently looking into it. Schomberg is astounded any human would let Henry’s condition progress so far, and that “someone wouldn’t do the right thing.” She adds that “Whoever did this to Henry might have to answer it.”

Henry’s mass will be tested to see if it’s cancerous, but until then this puppy at heart is as carefree as ever and quite thankful to his rescuers and caretakers. He is still recovering from surgery, but should be available for adoption in a couple of weeks. Anyone interested in adopting Henry or making a donation should contact the Newport Beach Animal Shelter.

h/t Los Angeles Times, featured image via KTLA 5 News/Facebook