This Little Guide Dog Nugget In Training Will Turn Your Heart To Mush

Lombard’s first meeting with his puppy raiser was momentous for his career as a future guide dog for the blind. Puppy raisers have the wonderful, but challenging, job of preparing puppies for their formal training; proper socialization, basic commands, and all-around good manners are a must.

puppy training

This fuzzy muffin stayed with his raiser for a year, but it turns out Lombard was happy right where he was. His raiser writes on YouTube:

The high stress working environment was too much for Lombard’s soft personality. He become anxious which made him itch himself, chew on his tail/legs, and shake all the time. He also developed ball obsession where he would fixate on balls (even on the TV screen).

He was released from the the program in January 2016, when his raiser adopted him permanently.

H/t Mashable, Featured Image via My Canine Life/YouTube