Momma Dog Is Sick And Heartbroken Until She’s Reunited With Her Puppies

Seven puppies were surrendered to Sidewalk Specials, a South African rescue group, all in a terrible state. They were ill, malnourished and ridden with fleas and worms. A concerned neighbor had stepped in to facilitate the rescue of the puppies but, based on the state of her children, the organization was sure that the momma dog must be suffering too. Sure enough, she too was eventually surrendered and her reunion with her little puppy spawn warms our hearts!

mama dog collage

The momma┬ádog was depressed, malnourished, wouldn’t eat, and couldn’t stand. With a 50/50 chance of survival, she spent a day on a drip before being given the surprise of a lifetime! Slowly, her puppies ran up to her and what ensued next can only be described as the cutest doggy pile in human history.

Post reunion, the family went to a foster home where they all became healthy again, made friends and came out of their furry shells. Five of the seven puppies have been adopted, two still remain along with momma dog. The pups are described as Dachshund mixes. If you are interested in giving these deserving fighters a home or donating towards more beautiful family reunions such as this one, visit Sidewalk Specials.

H/t and featured image Sidewalk Specials