The Hugo Challenge Finalists

The Hugo Challenge Finalists

Here at BarkBox, we love to make dogs happy. We asked ourselves, “How can we also make a big difference in the lives of dogs in need?” We came up with The Hugo Challenge, a way to find a game-changing idea and turn it reality.

The entries flooded in, as we started to read them all over, we realized they were brilliant! Still, we could only pick three finalists for you to vote on. Now it’s your turn to decide! Take a second to check out these projects and help us dramatically impact the lives of our canine friends (and the humans in their lives). Barkbox will donate $10,000 to fund, support, and document the project that gets the most votes!

  • Vote big! The project should be innovative and make a huge impact.
  • Vote visual! The project should be able to be followed easily through photos & video.
  • Vote viral! Look for ideas that can become models easily executed by others.
  • Vote daily! One vote per person a day, so vote daily until December 14, 2012.

Click on the project to view their applicationĀ and thenĀ visit our Facebook page to vote!