Help us give away some serious bones! BarkFund Voting Open!

Help us give away some serious bones! BarkFund Voting Open!

Every single week, Bark & Co. invests $1,000 in an inspiring project, brilliant idea or a pup in need of care. We’re look for game-changing, influential ideas that we can fuel, so we can make a big impact on the lives of dogs in need and the way people think about dog rescue and shelter dogs. We need your help – check out these final six BarkFund projects and pups in need below, and cast your vote on our Facebook Page! This round of voting ends Tuesday March 4th at 2pm ET. (And if you’ve got a project that needs funding or pup in need, enter here to be considered!)


BarkFund Contender #1

Hand-In-Paw Rescue, has taken in a sweet mama named Opal. This poor girl has had quite a rough life up to this point – she had been living her life out under a trailer in a nearby county. When she arrived, Hand-In-Paw realized that not only was the dog living in inadequate conditions, but she was also pregnant. In addition, Momma Opal is heartworm positive. Momma and babies are continually being monitored to make sure that everybody is healthy and not in danger. Opal’s heartworm treatment alone will cost nearly $1,200. This grant would allow Hand-in-Paw to pay for Opal’s treatment. So please, consider Opal and and vote here!

How else can you help? Donate to Hand-In-Paw!



BarkFund Contender #2


Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.01.46 PM
Seattle Humane would use $1,000 to kickstart a new Humane Education program targeted for preschool-aged children ages 4-5. Curriculum for classes will include stories, games, songs, and craft activities. Each class will have visits with shelter pets and the focus will be introducing children to pets and teaching them about compassion, proper care, responsibility, animal facts, and safe approach and handling of animals. Vote here!

How else can you help? Donate to Seattle Humane Society!



BarkFund Contender #3

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 4.04.56 PM
Post-traumatic stress and anxiety sufferers benefit from learning how to be mindful– this increases one’s quality of life. Dogs are the perfect example of mindfulness, no oen lives more “in the moment” than pups. Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center aims to create a class that incorporates mindfulness exercises with a group of shelter dogs and PTSD sufferers. Class participants will learn to observe their partner dogs as they exist in the moment, describe what they are experiencing when they are with their dogs, and experience non-judgment from their dogs. Vote here!

How else can you help? Donate to Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center!



BarkFund Contender #4

Ruff Riders is an organization that provides free pet food and pet supplies for people in under-resourced neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. The $1,000 BarkFund would enable them to print material, create eye-catching promos for the community with important info about low-cost vet care + spaying and neutering resources. Vote for Ruff Riders!

How else can you help? Donate to Beyond Breed!



BarkFund Contender #5


Any puppy lovers on here?! If so, Bully Paws needs your help! These babies were rolled up in carpet and left in a dumpster in Stafford before they found their way to the shelter. Bully Paws stepped up to save them and they have been in foster care for about 3 weeks. They are feeling better but still have a LONG way to go. They all have demodex, roundworms, URIs, and some have bad eye infections. They’ll be in constant need of supplies, medical care, prayer, love and your votes!

How else can you help? Donate to Bully Paws!



BarkFund Contender #6

Photography by Jillian Clark
The above photo is Laila. Laila’s breeder brought her in to be euthanized at ten weeks old–she weighed 3 pounds and had an infected puncture wound that was gangrenous up to her hip joint. This eventually cost her her leg. Laila and her owner have travelled across the state to provide education on what is now SB930, the Commercial Dog Breeder Bill. She is in need of hip replacement surgery — she will be only the 4th “tripod” to ever attempt this procedure. The only way to keep her on her feet is a total hip replacement, please vote for Laila.

How else can you help? Donate to PAWNC!


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