Lost Hiker And His German Shepherd Are Rescued Thanks To Duct Tape

Lost Hiker And His German Shepherd Are Rescued Thanks To Duct Tape

One California hiker and his dog were recently saved in the Sierra Nevada mountain range thanks to the hiker’s quick thinking and ingenuity.

23-year-old Cody Michael and his German Shepherd Bauer went on a hike on the remote Loch Leven trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The trail was covered with snow and Michael and Bauer wound up getting lost.

When Michael and Bauer didn’t come home from their hike hours later, Michael’s parents started to get worried. They quickly called for help, sparking 60 people to conduct a three-day search for the hiker and his dog.

Hiker Wrote Help On Mountain
“Five hours or so ago, I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I really didn’t,” Michael said when he got home. “So this is, this is all I wanted, was to see my family again.”

Michael kept trying to find his way home after getting lost on the trail. But after a few days, his dog Bauer got too many blisters and just couldn’t take any more. So Michael stuck by his dog’s side, made camp, and hoped that somebody would come rescue him and his dog.

“Every morning I got up and just thought I would figure a way out and I didn’t,” Michael explained. “He couldn’t really go anymore, so that’s when I just set up camp and said, ‘They’re either gonna come get me or I’m not gonna make it.’”

Cody Michael
Well, both Michael and Bauer did make it. After Michael and Bauer made camp, Michael wrote, “HELP” in duct tape on the mountainside. This is what got a Black Hawk helicopter’s attention. They saw Michael and Bauer’s message and quickly airlifted them both off the trail.

Luckily, Michael and Bauer made it home, with rescuers saying Michael was doing “fine and dandy.” Michael had an emotional reunion with his family and community members and even had a huge celebration for his and Bauer’s homecoming.

Neither Michael nor Bauer suffered any serious injuries during their time on the mountain, but they definitely felt the effects of their terrifying ordeal. The pads of Bauer’s paws were extremely worn from their attempt to get home, so he went to see the vet. But both Bauer and Michael are expected to be just fine.

Featured Image via Placer County Sheriff’s Office
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