Just One Click Can Make a Big Difference in These Dog’s Lives

Just One Click Can Make a Big Difference in These Dog’s Lives

Each week in the month of February, Bark & Co. will invest $1,000 in an inspiring project, brilliant idea or a pup in need of care. We’re look for game-changing, influential ideas that we can fuel, so we can make a big impact on the lives of dogs in need and the way people think about dog rescue and shelter dogs. We need your help – check out these final six BarkFund projects and pups in need below, and cast your vote! This round of voting ends Tuesday February 11th at 2pm ET. (And if you’ve got a project that needs funding or pup in need, enter here for next month! :))

Week 1 is ovah!

The winner is Haven of the Ozarks and their Mobile Adoption Center, with 2,346 votes! 

BarkFund Contender #1:

Adoption Center to Go! – Want to help The Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary pile their pound puppies in a pupmobile and get them adopted? Hear their plan and give ’em a vote by scrolling to the bottom of this post! ↓

Can someone get me out of first gear?


BarkFund Contender #2:

Running of the Bullies – What’s better than a bulldog running? A bulldog running for his bulldog friends in need! Adoptabull English Bulldog 10K sounds too fun – check it out and vote below. ↓

Jelly’s run is more graceful than my own.


BarkFund Contender #3:

Fix up Ducky! – This giant luvbug needs to get fixed up so he can saunter in to a new forever home and do normal dog stuff, like steal dinner and slobber all over guests. Read his story and vote for Ducky! ↓

Ducky is all set in the adorable department, but his legs could use some ruv!


BarkFund Contender #4:

Neuterin’ with Zeuterin! – Too many teen pup-pregnancies out there and now there is a non-surgical procedure for those dirty dawgs! Check out the pitch from Texas Litter Control and vote away! ↓

Wait. We scrubbed up for nothin’?


BarkFund Contender #5:

Blitzen, The Shelter and Foster Favorite – Since he’s experienced a taste of freedom, this man has started to party a little to hard and needs an intervention. Help Blitzen by voting at the bottom of this page. ↓

Help this wild bachelor tame his ways and settle down!


BarkFund Contender #6:

Care for Camden – This balding pup has medical bills piling up one after the other. Help his rescue get him back in tip top shape and find his forever family. Vote below!

Camden, the baby elephant-esque pup, thinks bald is beautiful.

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During this month, we’re also asking our community to nominate new fundraising partners by submitting their favorite shelters, rescues, and dog welfare organizations. Submit an idea, or nominate a shelter!