How One Sweet Pit Bull Made A Family Fall In Love With Bully Breeds Forever

How One Sweet Pit Bull Made A Family Fall In Love With Bully Breeds Forever

The Whitest Pups You Know, a trio of white Bully Breed dogs who are photographed regularly (and fabulously) by their mom, Kelsey, may in fact be just that — but they are so much more.

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The Whitest Pups You Know began with Beebs, a white Pit Bull mix, who was being fostered by Kelsey’s friend, Mayna. It was love at first sight for Kelsey, but her mom, who “was afraid of all big dogs,” put a condition on adopting Beebs.

[My] mom made a deal with me that if I got my license, I could adopt Beebs. I have social anxiety and one of my biggest fears was driving. I was 23 years old and still didn’t have my license. But with Beebs as my co–pilot, I was able to practice enough to pass my test.

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From there, Kelsey’s infatuation with sweet Beebs only grew, with Kelsey snapping photos of her new dog whenever she could.

I was obsessed with taking photos of Beebs when she was a pup with my phone and it would make me SO happy when I would get one that I thought was good. I wanted to start learning more about photography so I could get better results and just never stopped…!

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Lucky for us (and the rest of the crazy dog ladies and men of the world), someone wasn’t so keen on Kelsey continually posting photos of Beebs to her personal account.

When I first adopted Beebs, I was posting photos of her daily on my personal accounts. Someone said they were tired of seeing my dog all the time, so I created Beebs her own account. But they lost because Beebs and her brothers are still all over my personals as well…!

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About a year after adopting Beebs, Kelsey’s parents decided they wanted “their own Beebs,” which is is how Stache, a white Boxer and Rat Terrier mix, ended up becoming a part of the family. Prior to DNA testing, the family thought Stache was a Dogo Argentino, making Kelsey’s dad fall in love with the breed. Enter Jax, a Dogo Argentino and the third pup of the group, who was being rehomed.

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Officially a trio after adopting Jax, The Whitest Pups You Know are like typical siblings, aka, they couldn’t be more different (besides all of them being white, of course).

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Beebs, who Kelsey says “is the diva of the group,” makes sure her two brothers mind their manners, telling them to “knock it off if they get too crazy.” Beebs is also “calm” and “sweet” and “gets along with pretty much anything.”

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Stache “absolutely loves kissing whether it be a human or a dog but he prefers to kiss the ladies,” which comes as no surprise as Kelsey describes him as a “ladies man.” This little charmer also has a bit of sass.

…[I]f you’re not doing exactly what Stache wants, he will bark at you until you do. No blanket on the couch he wants to lay on? Get ready to hear all about it…!
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Jax, a “super clumsy” dog who loves to cool off his jowls using a fan, is clearly the goofball of the group. Kelsey relayed that he wants to play “24/7” but if his brother, Stache, has other ideas, then Jax will throw a “temper tantrum.”
[Jax puts his] legs in the air, and whines as loud as possible until he gets tired or Stache decides to finally play. He’s extremely vocal and pretty much whines about everything.
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Even though The Whitest Pups You Know are all about their photoshoots, they’re also about raising awareness and advocacy.
Back when we first adopted Stache, I used to call both him and Beebs Pit Bulls. It wasn’t until I did a DNA test that I had any idea what they actually were. After I started reading up on [Breed Specific Legislation] I saw how important it is to label your dog correctly. I consider both Stache and Jax Bully Breeds but not Pit Bull-type dogs.
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Kelsey and her pups have also raised a pretty penny for rescue groups throughout the United States.
I help out with Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Rescue’s instagram account, and with the dogs[‘] account [and with other accounts] we have helped…raise over $30,000 these past 3 years for different rescues across the country.
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Beyond the adorable and hilarious photos that Kelsey takes of her white pups, she has an even bigger mission.
I just want to inspire people to give secondhand Bully breeds a chance. Just because a dog is in a shelter or rescue doesn’t mean the dog is damaged[. T]hey are still capable of everything and more.
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