How ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Led 2 Long-Lost Lab Brothers To Find Each Other Again

How ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Led 2 Long-Lost Lab Brothers To Find Each Other Again

One of Carolyn and Jim Bell’s favorite TV shows is American Ninja Warrior. They never would have guessed, however, that the show would lead them to find their 14–year–old dog Jake’s long-lost brother.

When they mentioned Roo [Yori] was promoting dog rescuing and showed his 14–year–old dog named Angus (that happened to look just like our dog, Jake — first named Ambrose at Paws and Claws Humane Society) my husband and I looked at each instantly and wondered if that was the same Angus we were going to adopt 14 years ago at Paws and Claws Humane Society in Rochester!

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After getting in touch through social media with Roo, who competed on American Ninja Warrior as the K9 Ninja, Carolyn and Roo were able to confirm that Jake and Angus were indeed brothers. Both dogs had been adopted from Paws and Claws Humane Society 14 years ago, they both came from a litter of dogs with “A” names and their mom’s name was Angel.

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And yes, Carolyn and Jim “almost adopted Angus” many years ago.

We chose Jake because he was the more docile pup in the litter. He was also the runt so he was extremely cute.

Jake 4 yrs old

As for the K9 Ninja’s reaction to this new revelation?

I was really shocked and super excited! I mean, what are the chances that anybody watching the show would connect the dots like that? As soon as I got home I told my wife Clara that I had some crazy news, and made sure that Angus was in the room to hear as well.

ninja 3 Jake 9 yrs old

For Angus, a dog who is part of a family of famous dogs (Wallace the Pit Bull and Hector the Pit Bull, anyone?), it wouldn’t be surprising for him to now join the famous ranks of his Pit Bull brothers.

[Angus] hasn’t requested an agent or anything yet, though, so let’s hope he keeps his humble nature amidst all the publicity.

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It may be a difficult task as Angus was also present for Roo’s Indianapolis Finals Run for American Ninja Warrior, which we can only keep our paws crossed means more screen time for Angus. While Roo says he’s “not sure what [the series] will end up showing,” he hopes that he and Angus would be featured again and that “Angus will get a little more time in the spotlight!”

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As far as Angus’s time out of the spotlight? Roo is hoping that can be put to good use as well.

[Carolyn] said they may be able to visit [Rochester] around Labor Day, but not sure. If they can make the trip, and Angus and Jake are still around (they are both slowing down in their advanced age), we do hope to meet!

ninja 5 Jake and Carolyn

While finding Angus’s long-lost brother, Jake, is certainly an amazing occurrence, Roo knows that Angus’s time on TV can have an even wider impact.

There are lots of Jakes and Anguses in shelters out there, so I look forward to bringing more awareness to that cause through my quest to conquer Mount Midoriyama!

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ANW featured

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Featured image via Clara Yori & Carolyn Bell