Here’s The Reason Everyone Is Posting Footage Of Their Dog Giving Them Kisses

Target Zero is a non-profit organization with a huge mission—to help every single animal shelter in the United States transition to zero-kill status. Millions of cats and dogs are euthanized each year due to overcrowding alone, and lack of space should never be reason enough for a homeless animal to lose its life.

You may have recently seen a surge of videos showing dogs licking the heck out of their human’s face. Don’t worry. It’s for a good cause. David Duchovny and his dog Brick have kickstarted the Lick My Face Campaign, in which you (the human) let your best friend (your dog) give you kisses to raise funds for Target Zero.

You record it, challenge your pals to do the same, and donate $1 for every loving lick you receive. Then you’re free to share your video on social media with #LickMyFace. So get to lickin’!

h/t + featured image via Crowd Rise/Lick My Face