Dozens Of Humans Came Together To Help A Little Boy Get The Dog That Will Save His Life

Dozens Of Humans Came Together To Help A Little Boy Get The Dog That Will Save His Life

Two-year-old Tucker Forster is living with epilepsy and an aggressive viral brain disease. A service dog could help save his life, but his family faced challenges affording the high cost of a specially-trained pup. Tucker’s parents Jennifer and Robert Forster want the dog to watch over the child as he sleeps, and alert them to his seizures, so he can be administered medication as soon as possible.

After Tucker’s story first broke, people from all over the country donated to the boy’s crowd funding page. There was even a fundraiser involving motorcycles! Tucker’s parents feel blessed and grateful for the way the community came together to raise the money.

Tucker’s father Robert said,

“We thought it would take probably years before we got that amount. The price of the service dog was a bit sticker shocking, like ‘whoa, $17,000 that’s a lot of money.’ It’s a huge blessing. It’s amazing what the community did – they pulled together and helped us reach our goal.”

Obtaining a service dog is challenging, as each human must be screened an approved. It’s not as simple as forking over the cash. An organization in Wilmington has approved Tucker for a pup, but first the dog has to “bump” him. Robert explains, “It’s all on how the dog and the handler interact. There’s no connection there, then they’re not going to force it…”

With the funds raised, the Forsters are optimistic. “We can’t wait to get a bump and to begin working with a dog. It’s so overwhelming for everything to happen so quickly, it’s kind of shocking,” Robert said.

Follow the brave little boy’s progress on The Adventures of Super Tucker

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