Spunky And Determined Little Girl Rescues Beagle From A Life Of Laboratory Testing

Spunky And Determined Little Girl Rescues Beagle From A Life Of Laboratory Testing

In February of 2015, 9 year old Eva Brown began fundraising for The Beagle Freedom Project. The project raises awareness about animal testing practices and works directly with laboratories to free Beagles from these facilities.

For Eva, her advocacy is born out of concern for her family, which includes two Beagles. One of those Beagles, named Cate, is a recent addition. Prior to being adopted by Eva, Cate lived her life in a lab.

eva brown 2

Eva, who was already raising money for the project before she adopted Cate, posted a photo on her fundraising page to announce the dog’s adoption. The sign reads “She is no longer a number. She is Cate.” Eva is holding up her pup’s ear to expose the number that is stamped there. Those numbers, not a proper name, were how people identified Cate before she was rescued.

Eva’s mother, Angela told WNCN that Cate was incredibly fearful at first:

“She would not come out of her crate. I’ve never seen anything like it. She just put her head against the wall and wouldn’t look at anybody.”

cate 2

Cate is adjusting to her new life, but she will forever be marked by her former life.

Eva says:

“I just feel like, whenever I lift up that [ear] and see that green tattoo of letters and one number in her ear, I think ‘What has she gone through?'”

It doesn’t seem that this compassionate little girl will ever give up the fight to save Beagles from living their lives in laboratories. If anything, Cate has made her more determined to end these practices. You can donate to Eva’s efforts via her personal fundraising page.

Watch Eva passionately discuss her efforts in a local news broadcast:

h/t via WNCN.