Watch As This Lonely Horse Become Best Best Friends With A Rescue Dog

Rocky the horse, who hails from Washington, was feeling pretty sad and lonely. He was an only horse who had no other horse siblings living with him. Only children know how it can be sometimes, having to beg for playdates and what have you.

Leave it to YouTube user WhiteHorseBen to cure his loneliness. WhiteHorseBen uploaded a video of Rocky and his new BFF Callie, a rescue dog from Animal Rescue Cobh who WhiteHorseBen is fostering.

According to WhiteHorseBen:

[The animals] spend a couple of hours every day playing together. Callie pines to get out of the house to play and when Rocky whinnies Callie goes running to him with her tail in the air.

I wonder if Callie taught Rocky how to play fetch? Either way, it looks like they’re having a pretty pawesome time!

You can watch more videos of Callie and Rocky frolicking and playing together here. Cue “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” We wish you many playdates ahead!

Featured image via YouTube user whitehorseben