Lost Pup Rescues Herself After She Hears Her Humans On TV

Lost Pup Rescues Herself After She Hears Her Humans On TV

Tabitha, an adorable Bichon Poodle mix went missing earlier this month while on a walk with her owner, Alfred Schaefer. Sadly, Mr. Schaefer suffers from Alzheimer’s, so when he took Tabitha for a walk and didn’t return home, his wife, Kelly, went looking for them. Thankfully Kelly found her husband, but Tabitha was nowhere to be found.


A distraught Kelly posted hundreds of flyers around her neighborhood and reached out to the Kansas City, Missouri local news for help. “To me, she’s my kid. I love her as much as I love my husband, my boys.” Kelly told Judy Le of Fox 4 news. Kelly continued to search every day and hoped somebody would come forward.

Luckily, someone did come forward; Tabitha herself! A family in the area had found the pup, and they were watching TV the night that the news channel aired a story about the missing dog. As soon as the Schaefers appeared on the screen Tabitha was all floppy ears! Her response was so immediate that her temporary owner’s knew she was the Schaefers’ dog before even seeing photos of the missing pup.

The family contacted Fox 4 news and within 10 minutes of the broadcast, the Schaefers got the call that Tabitha was safe and sound. The pup is now happily back with her humans.

Not only is the pup an adored member of their family, Tabitha is an integral aspect to Alfred’s health. Mrs. Schaefer says the pooch helps her husband remember things and motivates him to be active.


Even more reason we are so happy Tabitha and the Schaefers are together again!

H/t and Featured image via The Dodo