Lucky The Pit Bull Really Is Lucky After Surviving A House Explosion

Lucky The Pit Bull Really Is Lucky After Surviving A House Explosion

**Warning: The image below may disturb some readers, especially tiny humans.**

Lucky really is a lucky dog after surviving a house explosion on June 4 in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The Pit Bull puppy is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the help of neighbors and the charity Because of a Dog.

According to neighbors, Lucky is a service dog who is “very bonded” with her owner. But both Lucky and her owner were seriously injured during the terrifying explosion earlier this month. Her owner was sent to the burn unit at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Lucky 2
Neighbors Philip and Marlo Brown, meanwhile, found Lucky amidst the rubble after the explosion – though a cat from another apartment was still reportedly missing – and took her to Harmony Animal Hospital.

Lucky suffered from burns to her face and paw pads and smoke inhalation from the explosion. Her harness was also burned into her skin.

The animal hospital immediately reached out to the Bethlehem area charity Because of a Dog and asked for help with Lucky. The charity set up a campaign on YouCaring and raised an amazing $7,810 for Lucky.

This money will go towards Lucky’s care and treatment. Whatever is left from the campaign will then go to Lucky’s owner, their search for a new apartment, and paying rent.

Featured Image via Harmony Animal Hospital
H/T: Lehigh Valley Live