Watch This Makeup Artist Transform Into A Husky Right Before Your Eyes

Watch This Makeup Artist Transform Into A Husky Right Before Your Eyes

It has been said that dog owners often look like their pets, but YouTuber Ilana Makeup Artist really took the saying to heart.

YouTube husky makeup gif

In the artist’s latest video, Ilana uses makeup to paint her face in the style of her Siberian Husky.

The 8-minute video is a tutorial ideal for any Husky lover interested in emulating the breed’s beauty down to a T (although I can’t speak to the user friendliness or simplicity of the actual execution… that can’t be easy.)

However, the video has gained recognition online not for its practicality or even originality, but instead for being what YouTuber Victoria Killjoy describes as “disturbing, but nice.”


Even news outlets have taken to mocking the video. One website, Metro UKwrote of the video, “You’ll just need some face paint, make-up, and dedication to the mission of freaking out all of your friends.” Another outlet, Elite Daily, said, “If you ask me, this look is pretty much perfect for turning heads at the dog park or terrifying your next Tinder date.”

Ilana has been quick to defend her tutorial and has been thankful for the support she does receive for her video.

husky makeup tutorial

“I don’t understand why people react like this … body painters painting animals all the time!,” she replied to one commenter on YouTube. “Tigers, cats, bears …. So what exactly is terrifying in this dog face paint?!”

Check out the video for yourself below and tell us what you think: is Ilana’s tutorial terrifying or doggone awesome?

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