Her 10 Puppies Found Homes, But This Love-Bug Is Still Waiting Two Years Later

Her 10 Puppies Found Homes, But This Love-Bug Is Still Waiting Two Years Later

Shushanna’s had a rough go of it in her short three-to-four years of life. She was rescued as a stray after her family abandoned her, but she wasn’t the only one who needed help—ten small puppies depended on her as well.


Unleashed Pet Rescue took in all ten pups plus Shushanna, and the little ones have since been adopted into loving homes. That was over 660 days ago. Today, she’s still waiting at the rescue for a special human to come along and see what they’ve been missing.

Shushanna is a Lab/Pit Bull mix, but I like to call her the Chocolate Milk Cow for her adorable brown patches. That’s where chocolate milk comes from, right?


Sadly, you can see the impact of shelter life right on her face. On the left, two years ago, is a dog that adored playing with other dogs and whose happy-go-lucky attitude would put the bounciest of pups to shame. On the right is Shushanna today: greying, but still a happy girl despite the immense amount of stress she’s experienced after years in a kennel.

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She would prefer to hog all your love as the only dog, and never passes up an opportunity to romp with the kids as long as they’re a bit older—she’s a big girl, after all!

She also jumps at the chance to cool off in a baby pool, if you’ll let her.

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Shushanna is crate-trained, but isn’t very fond of cats. More information on this sweet pup lives on her adoption profile and Facebook page, but don’t wait if you think she might be the girl for you!

From Unleashed Pet Rescue:

We don’t want her to wait another day… she has to be adopted very soon! Her spirit is strong but Shushanna needs love… the love that only a furever family will give to her!

Come get some kisses from this mama today!

featured image via Shushanna/Facebook