Florida Man’s Service Dog Makes Ultimate Sacrifice Protecting Him From An Alligator

Florida Man’s Service Dog Makes Ultimate Sacrifice Protecting Him From An Alligator

Veteran Robert Lineburger was walking with his service dog, Precious, near his home in Port LaBelle Marina this past April when he heard a strange scratching sound a few feet away. It was nighttime and the dock was poorly lit. Before Lineburger had the chance to realize what was happening, Precious sprung into action. The scratching sound was the claws of a 13-foot alligator scuttling across the dock.

Precious lost her life heroically battling to save her master.


Precious had been trained to sense the oncoming seizures that Lineburger suffers from and alert him in advance.  She was his faithful companion for 6 years, by his side every moment. Her death has been a devastating loss that Lineburger hopes will not be in vain. He feels that the lack of proper lighting along the dock is responsible for gators encroaching on the marina.

He told Fox 4:

We have no lighting, which is mandatory code enforcement. Fire extinguishers are mandated by the fire marshal, we have cluttered docks, and at night with no light, you can’t see the clutter. You trip over them, and now you put the alligator problem on top of it, it’s a place for a disaster to happen.


Glades County Code Enforcement officers are investigating Lineburger’s claim. As of this post, the report has not been made public, and the gator has not been removed from the marina despite complaints from other residents. Lineburger was able to recover Precious’ body from the water after the attack. She is now buried in his front yard.

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