Surrendered Dog Who Loves Car Rides Finally Gets A Ride To His Forever Home

At first glance, Marley the 3-year-old Bichon/Poodle mix seems like the perfect dog. He doesn’t shed, he’s great with kids and all animal friends, and he loves going for car rides. Yet he found himself being surrendered by his owner, who didn’t have the means to give him the time and attention he deserved.

sad marley

Luckily for Marley, the kind humans at Foster Dogs, Inc. (aka Foster Dogs NYC) knew he’d make a perfect family companion for someone, so they arranged a foster home for him while searching for his new forever family. Just over a week after having his profile posted on the Foster Dogs, Inc. website, The Dog Matchmaker had a match for this fuzzy-faced bundle of ruv. The video above captures his journey from foster dog to family dog, frame after heartwarming frame.

Marley with his friends @ozzieandtheaussie

Marley with his pals @ozzieandtheaussie

If you would like to foster dogs like Marley who just need a warm bed and some ruv while waiting for a permanent family, follow Foster Dogs, Inc. on Facebook. To be matched to the pupper of your dreams, visit The Dog Matchmaker.

Featured image via @thedogmatchmaker/Instagram