mattie feature 1
This is how bad Mattie looked before anything was done.
Mattie viewed from behind, unrecognizable as a dog.
You can barely see her face.
Despite everything, she is still loving and affectionate.
Finally a face is emerging.
After groomers removed this huge mat from her back, they put Mattie under anesthesia for 90 minutes to finish removing her fur.
Mattie feels so much better and loves her belly rubs.
So fresh and clean she can get hugs.
"I feel and look amazing!"
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Almost Unrecognizable As A Dog, This Matted Ball Of Fur Transforms Into A Happy Pup

Meet Mattie, a dog that has been neglected to the point that 30% of her body was encased in matted fur and feces. Just one look at her sad face and you can see just how uncomfortable she is

Thankfully the Detroit Dog Rescue took her in and got her much needed medical help by way of the Greenfield Animal Hospital

This girl would not be here without the combined efforts of these two organizations. If you would like to help them continue their efforts please donate to Detroit Dog Rescue.

Feature Image & H/T: Greenfield Animal Hospital