Puplifting Moments: The 12 Most Heartwarming Dog Videos Of 2015

Puplifting Moments: The 12 Most Heartwarming Dog Videos Of 2015

At BarkPost, we enjoy tons of adorable videos every day (actually, more like every hour). It’s pretty great. But that’s what makes up rounding up this year’s most heartwarming videos such a monumental task. How can one possibly decide?! It’s a touch job, but someone has to do it, so we took it upon ourselves to carry this heavy burden.

Though it was difficult – watching amazing, uplifting and funny moments, laughing, crying, and laugh-crying – we somehow managed to narrow down the choices. So grab your pup and some tissues and enjoy the sweetest videos of 2015!

1. The Budweiser Super Bowl ad has an adorable puppy AGAIN!

And for another year in a row, I am awkwardly crying into my cheese dip at a Super Bowl party. The story of this puppy lost and found will warm you up the way a refreshing Budweiser does.

2. Bulldog not prepared for emotional roller coaster of Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl ad.

And to add to this amazingness? Here’s a viral video of a Bulldog obsessed with the same commercial. Oh, dogs. They’re just like us.

3. Cutie-pie Corgi completely fails his first attempt at mastering the stairs.

Like many of us, this Corgi also dreads using the stairs. But unlike us, he looks way cuter going down them.

4. Dogs know love doesn’t discriminate in adorable montage from Android’s Friends Furever ad.

Dogs don’t discriminate. But we might. They’re just…sigh…the best.

5. Dog captures magical snowy wedding ceremony on Go-Pro.

This dog should be nominated for an Oscar. And she should win.

6. Family’s surprise reunion with their lost dog is all caught on camera.

It was a difficult year for the Cooper family, but finding their dog – and how they found him – was a true miracle.

7. Insecure Bulldog demands constant kisses from tired human who just wants to sleep.

Love means never having to say, “Cool, thanks, I’m done with the kisses for now.”

8. Daddy and toddler pretend to be dogs to teach puppy how to howl.

This dog totally knows how to howl…he’s just pretending not to out of the goodness of his heart.

9. Dog discovers water bottle, decides it’s his arch-nemesis.

Clearly, the water bottle started it.

10. Dog named “Duck” and his boy grow up together in heart-melting video for IAMS.

The whole video is great, but the part at the end when you find out how the dog got his unique name? Brb, just gonna cry it out real quick.

11. After years of being forgotten, these canine veterans finally get the life they deserve.

So many elements of this story are compelling: the reunion of a soldier and his beloved dog, service animals, a rescue after months of solitude…but don’t let me ruin it. Just watch it!

12. Video of rescue pup running in prosthetic legs will make your face hurt from smiling.

It’s true. My face hurts but I’m not mad about it. You won’t be either.

Well, that’s it – the 12 most heartwarming dog videos of 2015. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been ugly crying for several minutes now. But that’s okay, because we can’t wait for even more cuteness next year. We know the dogs will bring it in 2016, and we promise to bring it all to you!

Featured image via Dog Vacay