Neglected Pup’s Stunning Recovery Shows Every Stray Dog Deserves A Second Chance

Neglected Pup’s Stunning Recovery Shows Every Stray Dog Deserves A Second Chance

The humans of the Midlands Human Society see many tragic cases, but cases like Bisa are rare. The pup’s skin infections and mange were so severe that she had almost no fur left on her body. She was also infested with worms.

bisa 4

At first, no one was sure if Bisa was too ill to survive, but there was a light in her eyes that told her rescuers that she could recover.

bisa 5

After much needed medical attention, including deworming and several medicated baths, the pup started to show her playful personality.

bisa 6

Many people would give up on a dog with Bisa’s background. In fact, some people might never attempt to save her, believing her case to be hopeless. Her recovery was so remarkable, that the Midlands Humane Society has created a Facebook page dedicated to Bisa. Bisa’s foster mom, April, hopes that the page will raise awareness about the power of rescue and let everyone know that shelter pups bring as much love and light to a family as any other dog.

She said:

“My hope is to make people aware of the care required in severe cases, like Bisa’s, but also to show that most animals can recover from sad beginnings and go on to live full lives.”

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Many people assume that a tragic past means that a dog is aggressive or “damaged,” but that is usually not the case. Bisa never knew love before she was rescued, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plenty of love to give. Most dogs with her background never lose their gentle nature.

Bisa 8

Thanks the kind humans at Midlands Human Society, Bisa has found her forever humans. She now spends her days playing and snoozin’ on the couch.

After a fun afternoon of playing outside with some new fur-friends, Bisa has got to have the loudest dog snore I've ever heard! Some good rest in the AC is always welcome after playing!

Posted by Laura Wilmes on Sunday, September 6, 2015

We’re so happy for you, Bisa! Thank you for serving as perfect ambassador for rescue pups everywhere!