Your Rescue Pup Could Star In The Next Nicholas Sparks Bestseller

Your Rescue Pup Could Star In The Next Nicholas Sparks Bestseller

Bestselling author Nicholas Sparks has announced that he wants a fan’s dog to be a character in his next novel, and anyone can submit their story to him. But there’s a catch: The dog must be a rescue.


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A long-standing advocate for rescue and adoption, Sparks has partnered with PetSmart Charities to make your dog (or, yawn, cat) a prominent character in his upcoming book.

Sparks recently told CNN’s Headline News, “I’m looking for the most heartwarming adoption story that really shows why you fell in love with your adopted cat or dog and how they’ve made your life complete.”


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Currently, Sparks has three adopted dogs of his own: Boomer the Golden Retriever, Susie the Shih Tzu, and Bo, his “happy-go-lucky” mixed breed. His own experience with adoption has taught him how special rescue dogs are, and he hopes to tap into that uniqueness by learning the stories of his readers’ adoptions.


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This won’t be the first time a real life dog has an inspired a character in his books. A prominent character in the novel The Lucky One was inspired by one of Spark’s previous rescue dogs, Rex, the German Shepherd.


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Do you think your adoption story could be in the pages of the next best-selling Nicholas Sparks book? Apply here.

h/t to Headline News and BeliefNet