One Click can Help us Save More Lives: BarkFund, Puppy Edition

One Click can Help us Save More Lives: BarkFund, Puppy Edition

Each week in the month of February, Bark & Co. will invest $1,000 in an inspiring project, brilliant idea or a pup in need of care. We’re look for game-changing, influential ideas that we can fuel, so we can make a big impact on the lives of dogs in need and the way people think about dog rescue and shelter dogs. We need your help – check out these final six BarkFund projects and pups in need below, and cast your vote on our Facebook Page! Last week’s winner was Haven of the Ozarks and their Mobile Adoption Center. This round of voting ends Tuesday February 11th at 2pm ET. (And if you’ve got a project that needs funding or pup in need, enter here to be considered!)

This week’s grant voting is over, the winner was THEO!!! 



BarkFund Contender #1




Helping Haans

My husband and I recently brought home two German shepherd puppies. Originally, the idea was to get just one puppy, a little girl. However, we also fell in love with another littermate. Something not quite right with him, but no one knew what it was… finish Haans story and vote here!




BarkFund Contender #2




101 Healthy Pups

Starting 2014, Bring Hanah Home would like to launch a pet food pantry for our county low income, home-bound, elderly seniors.  Teaming up with our local Area 10 on aging currently provide daily warm meals for the humans, we have partnered with them… hear more about the project and vote here!




BarkFund Contender #3




Precious Sapphire, and her 11 puppies

Actually, it’s 11 dogs in need!  German Shepherd Rescue Orange County has taken Sapphire, a momma dog, and her 11 perky pups aboard our lifeboat.  $1,000 can help us care for all 11 puppies and mama.  Sapphire’s story is a sad one…. finish Sapphires’ story and vote here!




BarkFund Contender #4




Collars for Dollars

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) provides lifelong training and support to our foster dogs, from the moment they join our Pit Stop Program, all the way through post-adoption. Our trainers impart basic manners, socialization, confidence-building, and … here more about the program and vote here!




BarkFund Contender #5


The Theo Fund

Late one night after coming inside, Theo’s foster mom turned her back to the dogs for a moment. Before she knew it, Theo was involved in an altercation with his foster sister. Due to the size difference in the dogs, Theo sustained injuries to his leg… finish Theo’s story and vote here!




BarkFund Contender #6




New Doggie Matchmaking Area

New Leash on Life is a is a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill animal shelter offering adoption, rescue and spay/neutering services in Lebanon, Tennessee. Recently we were able to create a “Meet and Greet” area at our facility to allow community members… find out more about this project and vote here!