Nonprofit Offers To Care For The Pets Of Orlando Shooting Victims

Nonprofit Offers To Care For The Pets Of Orlando Shooting Victims

An Orlando nonprofit is offering to find homes — temporary, or permanent where necessary — for pets affected by this past weekend’s mass shooting.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s offer extends to pets of folks who are still hospitalized, and those belonging to the victims who were killed.

dog on dog bed

In a press release, the group wrote:

For the past 80 years, it has been our honor to provide care and support for cats and dogs that need our help.  There may be victims that have pets that need care and shelter. We realize that not every family or friend will be able to care for a beloved dog or cat that may have lost its owner.

Chris Butler, the Pet Alliance’s digital marketing manager, told us that local foster homes have already come forward, offering to care for the animals left behind, for as long as necessary.

For people out of the area who want to help, the best way is by donating online. There’s also a wish list, of pet food and other necessities.

No one has yet requested the Pet Alliance’s help, “but with the current confusion we understand that it may be days before the full impact of this tragic event is known,” Butler said.

We just want the community we love to know that we’re here for them. The best thing we can do is to be there for their pets.

If you know of a pet who needs the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s help, contact Ashleigh Bizzelle at 407-418-0906.

Here’s where to donate, and here is the Pet Alliance’s wish list.

Orlando Weekly has a list of more organizations and individuals offering help to the pets of those affected by the shootings.

Featured image via Maria Ly/Flickr.