Partially Deaf Dog Barks So Loud Because She’s Hoping A Forever Human Will Hear Her

Partially Deaf Dog Barks So Loud Because She’s Hoping A Forever Human Will Hear Her

Storm, an adoptable 11–year–old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is a “lovely, gentle old dog” who just so happens to have a very loud bark.

But Storm didn’t always bark like this. When she came to the Dogs Trust rehoming center in Harefield in Hillingdon, West London, she had an ear infection and swelling. As a result, Storm had to have her left ear drum removed.

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Now, staff at the rehoming center in Harefield say Storm is the “loudest barker” in their kennels.

Storm may have very good reason to bark louder than normal, though. Richard Morris, Center Manager at Harefield Dogs Trust, shared with the Daily Mail that “[i]t feels as if [Storm] is trying to bark louder so that she can hear herself.”

It occurred to us she may not even realise how loud her bark is as it’s possible her hearing was affected by past infections.

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Dogs Trust is hoping that potential adopters can look past Storm’s bark but for some, it has been too much.

We’ve had a few people that have really shown an interest in re–homing her, but they have been put off once they’ve heard her bark.

Richard thinks this is “a shame” as Storm is “a fantastic dog who would make a super pet in the right home.”

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And just what is the perfect home for this senior dog? According to Storm’s adoption page on Dogs Trust’s website, she would love to have a doggie sibling and can live with children who are 11 years of age or older.

Storm doesn’t care to be left alone and is “a very friendly and affectionate dog” who “absolutely loves people.”

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Richard also says that it’s important for Storm’s new family to not only “understand why she is barking” but to also “continue the training programme [Dogs Trust is] doing to help reduce the amount she barks.”

With Storm now in her golden years, time is running out for this “larger than life” dog to be adopted. Dogs Trust understands that financial commitments can sometimes contribute to older dogs being overlooked for adoption but they have a solution. They have agreed to pay the majority of Storm’s vet costs for the rest of her life through their Shared Adoption Scheme.

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Of course, Richard wanted to share one last piece of advice for anyone who is thinking of adding Storm to their family.

I also jokingly say that if they own ear muffs they’ll be well prepared!

If you’re interested in adopting Storm, click here to view her adoption profile. To donate to Dogs Trust, you may do so by clicking here

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Featured image via Dogs Trust