Pawin’ It Forward with This Week’s BarkFund

Pawin’ It Forward with This Week’s BarkFund

Every week, Bark & Co. invests $1,000+ to inspiring & influential projects, ideas that we can fuel, and make a big impact on the lives of dogs in need and the way people think about dog rescue and shelter dogs. Every week I’m inspired by the people who work so hard to save and support the health and happiness of pups in need.

Now we need your help – check out these final six BarkFund projects below. Every vote will add to the donation Bark & Co gives to these projects! Check them out and then vote here.

BarkFund Project #1
Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.28.36 PM

Love Habitat Rescue Funds wants to pay this BarkFund forward by supporting a local kennel. This facility has lost thousands to abandoned dogs in their care and they have stepped up for dogs in need and local rescues many times. There are currently three dogs have been there nearly a year that are in need to be seen for their annual exams, vaccines etc. Vote to help Love Habitat pay it forward to this kennel.

BarkFund Project #2

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.54.47 PM Dog Habitat Rescue’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and ultimately re-home abandoned, stray and neglected dogs. Housed within a boarding facility that has been priced out of their space, this rescue needs to find fosters or homes for each and every one of our rescues. With only 12 days left in our facility and 4 dogs left, $1,000 would allow them to send these pups to their next home with a package that will help make their new caregiver’s lives easier: training sessions, dog walks, food, etc. Vote to help save these pups!

BarkFund Project #3IMG_2937_4

New foster dogs need tags right away, as do recently adopted dogs – until they get a more permanent tag. Foster Dogs NYC wants to help prevent  unnecessary lack of ID on new dogs, to help avoid more lost animals. Foster Dogs NYC will use this BarkFund to provide each participating rescue groups with tags monthly, as well as mail them directly to our foster “parents”. Vote for this project here. 

BarkFund Project #4

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.42.26 PM

Many dogs go missing and end up never making it home because they are not microchipped. Some may even get euthanized because their families were never able to locate them. Fresno Bully Rescue would like to offer a free microchipping clinic to pit bull owners to decrease the chances of this happening! Vote for the pitties here. 

BarkFund Project #5


Crosses for Losses provides food, household and clothing assistance to individuals and families affected by the worst fire in Colorado history. This BarkFund will allow them to provide food to the dogs of our homeowners who lost everything. Want to support Crosses for Losses? Vote here.

BarkFund Project #6


Moonsonee Puppy Rescue has saved 1,000 dogs in Northern Ontario from being trapped and shot. $1000 would allow Moonsonee to set up an additional space for their rescue dogs. The space would have two insulated dog shelters and fencing. Help them save 1,000 with your vote!