Pibble Spends His Days Snuggling Kittens At Cat Shelter While He Awaits His Forever Home

Pibble Spends His Days Snuggling Kittens At Cat Shelter While He Awaits His Forever Home

Hey all you cat lovers out there — have you ever wanted a dog but haven’t been able to find one that will love your cats just as much as you do? Well look no futher! We have just the guy for you.

The Dogist Pedro

Meet Pedro the Goofy! Pedro is about 6 years old, up to date on shots and neutered, currently living in NYC. His friends describe him as “a goofy couch potato that loves his toys, his humans, and his cats.”

Pedro sofa

His inner thoughts are probably something like this:

Hey girl, I just want to Netflix and chill with you and all of your closest feline friends.

Despite his dreamy personality, Pedro’s story is another heartbreaker and he is starting to lose hope that his forever family is out there. Someone turned him into a high–kill shelter as a young pup after he’d suffered repeated attacks from other dogs. No one knows the exact situation, but he was covered in scabs and scars when Mighty Mutts took him in. He was also extremely sick with hookworms, Giardia, and mange.

He’s very wary of other dogs, understandably, so finding him a home has been challenging. But he absolutely loves people and cats! In fact, after several failed foster attempts, he went to stay at Mighty Mutts’ cat rescue Ollie’s Place and fit right in.

Pedro cat playing

After a year of living at Ollie’s Place, Pedro did eventually find a home for the next three years with a woman who loved him dearly. Sadly, the woman got very ill and could no longer care for him, so Pedro wound up back with the Mighty Mutts. Once again, he is going through the difficult process of finding the right fit and is back with his kitty friends at Ollie’s Place.

Pedro Ollies Place

Though he loves spending time with his favorite felines, Pedro is really disheartened to lose his owner and to be spending so much time on his own. He is well taken care of with regular walks and feeding, but it’s just not the same as chillaxin’ on the couch with a human to scratch his ears.

Pedro is becoming despondent and it’s as if he’s afraid he’s never going to find his forever home. Michelle Marlowe, Executive Director of The Mighty Mutts told us that “He is an amazing pup who has been through soo much.” This guy really deserves a home of his own!

Pedro closeup

The Mighty Mutts have set up a fund to continue helping Pedro, which includes paying for experienced walkers to exercise him, and he has his own Instagram account too!

Pedro collage

The Mighty Mutts are also completely heartbroken to see Pedro, a wonderful dog with so much love to give, lose hope. He is starting to turn from a goofy, playful puppy to a stressed and depressed guy. They have been posting for months for a foster or adopter, in several states even, but all to no avail.

Check out how smart he is in the video below!

Pedro would do best in a calm, quiet atmosphere with someone who can really work with him. He has anxiety on the bustling streets of NYC with so many loud noises and dogs, so a place with a backyard or suburban area would really be best. Due to his past with other canines, he would need to be the only dog, but he would be ecstatic to live with cats. It is also thought at this time that he wouldn’t do well with small children that are loud and excitable.


If you are able to foster (or even better — adopt!) Pedro, please contact the Mighty Mutts via their website or by emailing [email protected] If you are unable to adopt but would still like to help, please consider sponsoring or donating to help the Mutts continue to find Pedro his perfect forever home. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and to see the other wonderful animals they have for adoption, and visit them every Saturday from 11:30 am to 5 pm at the south west corner of Union Square.

Featured Image via: The Mighty Mutts/Sara Tickanen