After Weeks Of Trying, Rescuers Finally Gain The Trust And Love Of Petrified Pit Bull

Julie Maigret of Chews Life Rescue spent weeks trying to get close enough to capture this scared homeless Pit Bull, now named Eden, but she could not earn her trust, so she enlisted the help of Hope For Paws.


>When Hope For Paws got to the scene, the Pittie wanted to do nothing except bolt. Fortunately, Julie and Lisa Arturo used a soccer net to attempt to secure her in the garage. Naturally Eden, being one smart pup, tried her best to run past it, but she did not succeed.

In her terrified state of mind, she was frantic and reactive to her rescuers. She had no idea that they were there to help her. They knew being patient and slow was the key to keeping her safe. After several minutes of talking to her, and letting her settle, she still trembled in absolute fear. They tried to calm her by letting her see Julie, the one person that looked slightly familiar to her.


As if this rescue wasn’t hard enough, the rescuers were also dealing with construction noise that only added to Eden’s stress. They had to devise a brilliant tool using a shirt, a leash, and a stick to get her used to contact. Eden appeared to be in total shock, but she continued to allow the rescuers to get closer and closer, eventually being able to pet her ever so gently on the head.


After finally getting her with two leashes, rescuers untangled her from the soccer net and loaded into the safety of a crate. Almost instantly she was a calmer dog. After her traumatic ordeal, Rescuers brought Eden to the animal hospital, where she immediately sought comfort in Lisa’s arms.


After settling in, the Pittie showed off her awesomely sweet personality and laid on the kisses! Thanks to some fellow pups, who are showing her the ropes, Eden is learning what it is like to have a home and toys – and she’s also discovering what it’s like to be a happy dog.

Eden is now available for adoption and you can apply at Chews Life Rescue. You can help these great organizations continue to help animals by donating to Hope For Paws or Chews Life Rescue.