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Meet Pickle. This tiny art connoisseur is taking galleries and museums by storm. If you want to be in touch with New York's electric art scene, let Pickle be a pawrific curator.
1. "I know that I'm booti-ful."
2. "I call this one 'Jazz Hands'."
3. "Butt sniffing chairs? Obviously, the artist is a genius."
4. "But, what does it mean?"
5. "No one will notice if I take just one itty, bitty egg."
6. "I'm living in a tonal world. There still be better be treats up in here."
7. "B-oring! There's only one channel on dis television."
8. "Mom, it wasn't me who chewed the chair!"
9. "They said I could be anything, so I became the painting."
10. "I get to sniff dog butts in the name of art? Pawesome!"
11. "Pawsonally, this makes me feel more emotions than a Rothko."
12. "Glass fart bubbles are genius. I'll buy the entire collection."
13. "Mom says I can't chew dese."
14. "Where's da pizza?"
15. "He won't play with me."
16. "You told me this was cheese!"
16. "I firmly support any art that lets me nap."
18. "I'm sorry I chewed up your shoes. Kind of."
19. "But, where's the toilet water?"
20. "My life is full of tragedy. So many empty food bowls and not a kibble to be seen."
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