Truck Driving Human And His Pittie CoPilot Stick Together Despite The Odds

Truck Driving Human And His Pittie CoPilot Stick Together Despite The Odds

When truck driver Chris Price was admitted to the hospital during a drive through Kansas City, Missouri, animal control was called to pick up his Pit Bull, Coco. The pair had been riding together since Coco was 8 weeks old, and with a month long hospital stay ahead of him, Price was worried about what would happen to his longtime riding buddy. There was no telling where the dog would end up once admitted to a pound nearly 500 miles away from the two’s home.

Luckily, Coco was brought to one of the country’s largest no-kill shelters,The Kansas Pet Project. Typically, animals at no-kill shelters are made available for adoption after 10 days. Since non-kill shelters do not euthanize dogs, they make it a priority to get dogs adopted as soon as possible to optimize space.

Yesterday, we received a call from a man, a truck driver from Arkansas, who while passing through Kansas City, had to be…

Posted by KC Pet Project on Saturday, May 9, 2015

After hearing that Price would be in the hospital for about a month, the staff went out of their way to ensure these two were kept together. Stephanie Bell, the shelter’s community coordinator, was able to relocate Coco to a local boarding facility that offered to hold Coco for a discounted price. With the help of community donations pouring in from staff and volunteers they were able to cover the costs of Coco’s temporary stay.

Bell’s generosity didn’t stop there. She managed to organize several hospital visits for Coco and Price. Bell recalls the heartwarming reunion by stating Coco was excited to see her dad. The dog was consumed with emotion as she jumped all over Price, whining and crying once the two were reunited.


In mid-May, Price recovered from his dangerous staph infection and was ready to head back to Tennessee. Since he was not deemed well enough to drive, an ambulance was arranged to take both him and Coco back home. The two were riding together again, just like old times (minus the actual driving part).

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Once back in Memphis, Price continued to recover with Coco by his side, offering all the love and support a dog could give. Price calls Coco his “to do for dog” and hopes to have him riding shotgun again soon.

“I’ve had her for years. We’ve been through all kids of snowstorms, heat; letting her chase rabbits in the desert…that’s the kind of life we lead.”

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We’re most definitely wishing Price a speedy recovery and hoping the two can head out on another one of their tail-wagging road trips soon!

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