Neglected Pit Bull “Charmed His Way” Into Family After Being Left In Their Backyard

Ivan Matias found Teddy in his backyard in Brooklyn with sores, scabs, and wounds all over his body. Poor Teddy was so skinny all his ribs were showing, and he was completely dehydrated. There were shards of glass in his paw pads, and he was lethargic with persistent diarrhea.

Teddy orig

After finding the Pittie roaming the streets in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one of Ivan’s neighbors took him home. Unfortunately, the pup was in such bad shape that he couldn’t handle Teddy’s care. He left the dog in Ivan’s backyard.

At first, Ivan was frightened of Teddy because he was an unfamiliar pup, and he was so wounded and unkept. It began to rain, so he gave Teddy some food. Teddy was immediately grateful and Ivan realized this dog was extremely gentle and loving. He took him inside for a thorough bath.

He told us:

He was so filthy, it took 8 soap passes for the water to begin running clear.

Ivan didn’t take pictures of Teddy at the time because he was concerned that a picture of a dirty dog wouldn’t lead to an adoption.


Ivan took Teddy to the vet, where the doctors said that it might be best to “get rid of him” because of his condition and his breed. Ivan refused, and instead left Teddy for a few days of medication, surgery, and TLC. Teddy took six weeks to recover. Ivan said:

I knew he’d probably be euthanized if I hadn’t kept him. That wasn’t an option.


Soon Ivan fell in love with Teddy. During their time together, hes learned a lot about the 7-to-9-year-old dog. Teddy is playful, intuitive, and is BFFs with the other pup in the house—a 12-year-old former stray Pit mix named Brooklyn.


“He charmed his way into our lives and after a few weeks I couldn’t fathom parting with him,” said Ivan.

Still, the misconceptions about his breed cause people to needlessly fear him, Ivan said. That’s why Ivan shares Teddy’s story.


“Although I was not looking for another pet,” said Ivan, “he needed me and I didn’t know at the time, we needed him.

All images courtesy of Ivan Matias.