Pit Bull Momma Chained And Bred Repeatedly Gives Birth Just One Last Time

Pit Bull Momma Chained And Bred Repeatedly Gives Birth Just One Last Time

The gorgeous, smiley Pibble in the above photo is named Dory, and until recently her life was pretty miserable. Her Florida owners kept her outside, confined to the 4-foot radius of her heavy chain. She was bred over and over again, many of her puppies dying before her eyes. Dory’s future was bleak until a couple of compassionate humans stepped in.

First, an animal control officer in Dory’s hometown took it upon herself to intervene. She encouraged Dory’s owners to provide better care for the sweet momma. Instead, they decided to surrender a very pregnant Dory into the care of Clewiston Animal Control. She was free from her neglectful owners, but Dory wasn’t safe yet.

dory sit

The Clewiston shelter was already jammed to the max with other homeless pets, and Pit Bull-type dogs like Dory face a high risk of euthanasia. That’s when Dory’s next guardian angel came along. As an active foster pawrent in the area, she caught wind of the pregnant momma in need and contacted her friends at Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue. The group agreed to sponsor Dory, and the kindhearted woman opened up her home.

After a few weeks of love, care and attention from her foster mom, Dory was ready to give birth for the last time. She brought 8 beautiful babies into the world on June 24 – 5 boys and 3 girls. The pups are yet to be named, but rumor has it they will each be given the monicker of a Finding Nemo or Finding Dory character.

dory nursing

For now, Dory is basking in the glow of motherhood and enjoying the love and shelter she never knew before. Once her puppies are fully weaned she will be spayed and put up for adoption along with her litter of cuties. You can follow Dory and her pups on the Big Hearts for Big Dogs Facebook page to find out when they will be available for adoption – and see adorable photos, of course!

dory and pups

Sadly, Dory’s story is all too common. Big Hearts for Big Dogs has just taken in one of Dory’s daughters and her litter of pups after they were found abandoned and dying in the woods. Dory and her family were lucky enough to catch the attention of a few caring individuals who stepped in to change their fate, but many dogs aren’t so fortunate. Shelters across the country are packed with former breeding dogs, many of them Pit Bulls.

We can help discourage backyard breeders by refusing to purchase their puppies, and choosing rescue instead. If you are thinking of adopting, consider an older dog or a momma like Dory. The incredible love and devotion you’ll receive in return will be well worth it. Becoming a foster pawrent is another selfless and deeply rewarding way to save lives.

Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non–profit that relies on donations to continue their rescue and rehabilitation of dogs just like Dory.

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Featured Image via Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue/Facebook