Pit Bull Of The Week: Meet Calista, The Earless Pittipotamus

Pit Bull Of The Week: Meet Calista, The Earless Pittipotamus

Introducing Calista, the earflapless pittipotamus! That’s not all she is, though. She’s also a survivor and a lover – a true example of the breed.


Calista was found by a police officer wandering the streets of Phoenix, AZ in July of 2013.

She had bite wounds on her ears and one flap was severed, while the other was too infected and decayed to save. She was covered in ticks and was diagnosed with nearly every tick borne disease, including Babesia and Ehrlichia. She was emaciated and had numerous scars covering her tiny body. She was terrified of many things, including jingling keys and even food. The local rescue group there, Mayday, picked her up and brought her straight to the ER vet.

Calista Pit Bull Of The Week

Calista’s mom, Jeannette immediately agreed to foster Calista. She said that the most notable thing about Calista was that despite her pain and fear, she was gentle, cautiously trusting, and there was hope in her eyes.

She is the epitome of a Pit Bull; resilient, courageous, loving, strong, and forgiving. She was harmed by humans and animals and yet, she now lives in a home with her dog brother and human parents. She is an inspiration and continues to teach us to be better people. One of our proudest failures in life, was failing as her foster parents. We adopted her and promised she would never experience emotional or physical pain at the hands of humans again. Her life is a gift and we are grateful to be a part of it.

With the love and support of her amazing humans, Calista is the happiest little pittipotamus these days. In fact, her tail wags so much and so hard that she has become quite famous for her tail drumming concerts.

Not even a cone of shame can stop her tail from wagging these days.

The only time she takes a break from wagging her tail is when it’s time to get to business and step up the begging game. But even then, it’s hard to contain.

She definitely got over her fear of food 100%…

Calista is so amazing that not only did she overcome her own past, but she has gone on to become a certified therapy dog to help others smile.


She is a huge love bug and her doggie bro, Zazu, doesn’t mind one bit.

Calista will be celebrating her 3rd gotcha day this Saturday. Woohoo!

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