Pit Bull Survives Being Hit By 13 Trains After Escaping Family’s Yard

Pit Bull Survives Being Hit By 13 Trains After Escaping Family’s Yard

If cats have nine lives, dogs’ are unlimited. That’s how the Rossi family must see things after their beloved Pit Bull was struck by 13 trains. Loki escaped his yard one morning and ended up on train tracks barely 100 yards away from home. After the first train hit, he didn’t have the time or the strength to move out of the way.

after train crash

It wasn’t until the last train conductor saw Loki lift his head from the tracks that he contacted animal control, and they rushed him to the animal hospital. When his family finally received a call—vets found their information through Loki’s microchip—they thought for sure they’d lose him.

“Words cannot describe it whatsoever,” owner Ryan Rossi told KBOI. “He’s not just a dog—he’s family.” His wife later wrote on the pup’s fundraising page:

Walking through the door to love him and say good bye[,] my husband Ryan and I reached to pet and love [Loki] up and he smiled.. that silly, loving boy was still in there. We decided as a family that if Loki can make it through what he had.. who are we to not give him a fighting chance.

cone of shame

Loki was alive, albeit soon with one less leg, tail, and eye. His vet bills soared to $7,000. Even with the trauma and subsequent surgeries, Rossi says Loki was walking right away.

after surgery

“He’s slowly getting back to his old self—he gets around and plays with our other dog,” he said a few days after the ordeal. To help offset Loki’s medical bills, the family has created a GoFundMe page accepting donations, though they are already within paw’s reach of their goal.

The 14-month-old pup has a lot of recovery time left, with frequent vet visits and daily bandage changes, but he’s dealing with it one day at a time. The Rossis are overjoyed to have their family member home and resting, and we wish this pup lots of luck through the rest of his recovery. Judging by recent events, he probably won’t need it.

H/t ABC News