You Will Never See Anything As Precious As These Pit Bulls Fostering A Baby Pig

You Will Never See Anything As Precious As These Pit Bulls Fostering A Baby Pig

Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll and Patty Cakes Huckleberry Stoll made their debut on BarkPost last year when they were recognized for their gentle fostering skills in a piece about inspirational Pit Bulls. Since then we have covered these natural nurturers as they took delightfully adorable care of two fuzzy ducklings and one portly puppy by the name of Potato.


Pikelet and Patty understand what it’s like to be sick, hurt, abandoned and alone. They too are foster success stories and they pay it forward by helping any pitiful critter in need of their love and guidance – along with their awesome humans of course! The pair’s latest foster friend may very well be the most endearing to date. Her name is Punk and she is a teeny weeny Saddleback pig taken from her mother far too early and sold for profit. Punk is less than 2 weeks old and has already been given up by her first owner.


She was lucky enough to find her way into the Stoll home with the help of Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. She will remain in their capable hands (and paws) until the perfect adoptive family is found. Since there truly are no words in the English language to express the unbearable cuteness of two rescued Pit Bulls mentoring a tiny rescued piglet, I’m going to keep it brief and let the magical photos and videos do the talking.

For example, here’s the trio getting some fresh air and exercise at the park. That’s one speedy little piglet!

After the park, Punk seeks comfort in the car from foster bro, Patty.

patty pig

And then there’s this vignette of Punk climbing Patty and snuggling on his side as if he were a momma pig.

Punk has only just arrived, but she’s already comfortable enough to join in the Pibble pig pile!

Pit Bulls and Their Piglet

With Pikelet and Patty as her foster siblings, Punk will be big, strong and ready to be adopted in no time! A GoFundMe page was created in order to fill “Punk’s Piggy Bank” for necessities like her special diet, harness, leash, bed and wardrobe items (to keep the little baldy warm). They have already surpassed their $500 goal and plan to donate the additional money to Wollongong Animal Rescue Network, the rescue group that placed Punk with the Stolls.

Featured Image via Life of Pikelet/Facebook