Young Boy’s Stolen Pitbull Puppy Miraculously Returns

Young Boy’s Stolen Pitbull Puppy Miraculously Returns

On August 14th, 10 year old Khalik Corbett was walking his Pit Bull puppy, Boomer, when two men in a rust colored car pulled over. A white man with a dark beard and short, dark hair stepped out of the car and began speaking with Khalik.

“Are you all breeding sometime? How old is he? Stuff like that,” Khalik told WKRN news. Then a dog owner’s worst fear happened when, with a disturbing amount of ease, Khalik said, “[The man] reached down, took off the leash and drove off.”

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Khalik and the rest of his family were understandably horrified and devastated. I can only imagine what they were thinking. Depending on the breed, assumptions can be made when it comes to dognapping. Pure breeds and smaller dogs are often sold, but dognapping a Pit Bull often has darker, more sinister connotations, involving dog fighting.

The family contacted the local media and asked the people of Nashville, Tennessee to contact them if they had any information.

The Corbetts never heard from anyone, so Khalik’s mother, Angie, was astonished when she took out the trash on Saturday and saw Boomer tied up to the telephone pole in their front yard.

“I completely dropped the trash and flew over there and he was just wagging his little butt and just barking and I just started crying.” Angie said. Upon hearing his mother’s cheers Khalik sprung out of bed and joined the celebration.

We are so relieved and happy Khalik and the rest of his family have their Boomer back! It’s so comforting to know someone decided to do the right thing. Watch the full, amazing story below.

Conwagulations Khalik! We’re so glad your buddy is back! 🙂

H/t via WRIC