UPDATE: Homeless Puppy Walks Into Local Fire Station, Refuses To Leave Without Help

UPDATE: Homeless Puppy Walks Into Local Fire Station, Refuses To Leave Without Help

**UPDATE December 23, 2015**

Sistine, the Pit Bull puppy who walked into an Ohio fire station with a severe case of mange and an intense case of puppy dog eyes, now has a home.

After beating Parvo and severe mange our Sistine made truly a remarkable recovery. As if that isn't good enough news,…

Posted by Muttley Crue on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

When Sistine first arrived at the hospital, vets realized that she was also suffering from Parvo, a highly contagious disease that attacks the body’s cells. This meant an additional recovery period before she could be put up for adoption, but this girl was certainly up for the challenge. Muttley Crue, who rescued the puppy, wrote on Facebook:

This poor girl is a fighter and has such a good attitude despite what has been thrown her way. That being said, due to her weakened immune system she may have a harder time than normal bouncing back.


But hey, what’s a little illness to a puppy who refused to wait for help to come? Just one week later the rescue updated her story with the best news! They wrote:

This little girl is strong and resilient! She is out of the vets and in her foster home after being treated for Parvo and while it may be hard for some to notice, her skin is better! Sistine is such an amazing dog and you can see the sweetness in her eyes. She will continue on her treatment course for her severe mange but she will be ok!

before after

Sistine decided to ask for help at the perfect time—now she has a home for the holidays with a family who loves her. Congrats, Sistine!

H/t Facebook/Muttley Crue

**Original Story**

Firefighters at the East Cleveland Fire Department received a tiny, desperate guest earlier this week when 5-month-old Pit Bull mix, Sistine, walked herself right through their doors.


It’s a good thing she knew exactly the kind of heroes to go to when things couldn’t seem to get worse, since Lt. Mike Celiga and his crew are familiar with the occasional four-legged visitor:

“No tags, no license, no collar. Sometimes they have a rope tied around their neck and, you know, the rope’s dug in. It’s actually kind of sad.”

According to the lieutenant, the puppy followed one firefighter around for hours before the team helped get her to Crossroads Animal Hospital.

Sistine might be hard to look at for some—she has a severe case of mange, a skin infection that has left open wounds on her face, and mites she likely picked up while nursing as a baby. Dr. Kim Cooper, who is now in charge of the pup’s care, says it will take months of recovery before she is in tip-top shape. Being a normal, healthy puppy is something Sistine has yet to experience in her short life.

sistine and vet

Though her rescuers suspect she must have had a home before due to her familiarity with basic commands, this lucky pup will be joining her foster dad of Muttley Crue Rescue for the duration of her treatment.

For the full story, see the video below.

If you’d like to donate to Sistine’s care, please visit the Muttley Crue’s homepage.