Police Officer Saves Trembling Chihuahua From Busy Highway

Police Officer Saves Trembling Chihuahua From Busy Highway

A highway is no place for any pup, but when you’re a small chihuahua – it’s even more perilous! Luckily for this lil lady, Officer Alex Edmon of the California Highway Patrol responded to a call about a lost dog wandering the highway, but he was surprised to spot her balancing pawcariously on the median!

Via The Contra Costa CHP
As a loving pup parent to two dogs of his own, Officer Edmon knew just what to do and comforted the tiny pooch until animal services arrived. She has been nicknamed “Freeway” and is recovering nicely thanks to the friendly folks at Contra Costa Animal Services. There are no leads on her original owner, but she’s already got plenty of interest, according to the organization’s Facebook page. With a sweet face like that, it’s not hard to see why!


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High paws to everyone involved with rescuing this sweet pup! Check out more of her story here:

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