Police Rescue Dog Hanging From A Car In A Store Parking Lot

Police Rescue Dog Hanging From A Car In A Store Parking Lot

Earlier this month, Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Police Officer Wade Hammond were at a local Wal-Mart in Arkansas City, Kansas, on a shoplifting call. After they’d arrested the suspect, an employee told them something shocking – there was a dog in the parking lot hanging by his leash.

They quickly ran to the vehicle and their body cameras caught what happened next. The Arkansas City Police Department released the photos on its Facebook.

officer saves hanging dog

When they approached the dog, he appeared to be dead, but Sergeant Legleiter wasn’t ready to give up on the dog. He quickly cut the pup’s leash and then Officer Hammond tended to the pup.

officer hammond and dog

The dog was unresponsive at first. Officer Hammond removed the dog’s collar and applied pressure to his side to revive him. Slowly, he began to respond and after several minutes, he was stable.

officers save hanging dog

Thanks to the quick thinking of the Wal-Mart employee and these two police officers, the dog survived. They gave the pup water and also lots of love.

officers save hanging dog 5

The police have yet to release details on the dog’s owners or how the dog ended up hanging by his leash. And, based on a comment they left on their Facebook page, they are unlikely to release that information any time soon:

There have been many comments on this post asking if the owner(s) of the dog were charged. While we understand your concerns we cannot release all of the related facts of this case. We can say that all of the information was gathered and it will be up to the prosecutor to decide if any charges will be filed. Rest assured that if charges are warranted, they will be filed. For now we would just like to focus on the officers and the great work they did.

We are so grateful that there are people like Sergeant Legleiter and Officer Hammond in the world. Because of them, this dog is safe. High paws!