Police Officers Surprise Heartbroken Family With Their Stolen Puppy

Police Officers Surprise Heartbroken Family With Their Stolen Puppy

Petey the puppy was taken from his home alongside several other valuable items during a burglary in Fort Worth, Texas. The Templeton family lost a lot of things that day, but it was four-month-old Petey who really left a gaping hole in their hearts.

Thirteen police officers set out to track down the thieves, first spotting a few of the stolen items in a pawn shop and then connecting them with the individual who sold them. They immediately went to visit the house.

The police department’s Public Information Officer Daniel Segura told ABC News that “as soon as the occupants opened up the door, [the officers] saw the rest of the stolen items inside the house. And the dog was inside the house, too. That’s how they were able to catch the suspects.”

petey and officer

As soon as the homeowner answered the door, according to the official press release, Petey walked right outside. Officers seized him and prepared to surprise his family in a big way.

It was Julia Templeton’s daughter’s 10th birthday party. The officers only asked where she was, told her they had a few more follow-up questions, and packed little Petey in the police cruiser. Julia said:

I really thought they were just coming to show me some pictures of some of the material things that were taken. I walked out and saw his head poke out from the bar on the police car.

You can watch the whole heartwarming video of their reunion below.

The thirteen officers were honored with a ceremony for their achievement, courtesy of the mayor. Petey (and his entire family) were there to attend.

h/t ABC News + featured image via @ForthWorthPD/Twitter