Pup Proves There’s Tough Under That Fluff, Survives Being Shot In The Back

Pup Proves There’s Tough Under That Fluff, Survives Being Shot In The Back

Sometimes the will to live can trump everything else.

When cops responded to a call about a shooting in Rome, Georgia on December 18th, they found a Pomeranian mix who had been shot — but wasn’t ready to give up. Unable to find the owners, the police officers surrendered the 2-year-old pup to Floyd County Animal Control, where director Jason Broome contacted the Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome and Floyd County (ARF).

via Rome News-Tribune

via Rome News-Tribune

“They can often help the animals that are injured,” he said.

With help from ARF, the pup was examined by a vet who was surprised to find that, despite shattering part of his spine in the shooting, the resilient fluffball had not suffered paralyzing damage to his legs.

“This little guy had three of his dorsal spinous process, or tips of the vertebra, blown off,” said Dr. Dan Pate, who treated the dog. “The bullet had traveled along his spine. This is something that will usually cause severe damage.”

Dr. Pate was able to help the little dog, but remarked that many others are usually not as lucky. “This dog was a miracle. Only one other time in 25 years have I seen a dog injured like this recover and not be paralyzed. It was a matter of millimeters,” he said. He was unable to remove the bullet safely without risking paralysis, but it won’t harm the pup.

After recovering, ARF set about finding the survivor his new furever family. Thankfully, one family was especially eager to take him home. The Wigbels family read about the dog who had made it through a shooting and visited ARF with the intention of donating money to the cause. “We never expected to see the dog and fall in love with him,” said Jason Wigbel.

via Rome-News Tribune

via Rome News-Tribune

The family is still debating on the perfect name for this amazing dog.

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